@lachlanjcIMA @ NYU

CL – Final Project

But this machine can only swallow money / you can't lay a patch by computer design / with just a lot of stupid, stupid signs

Lachlan Campbell, Sydney Hu, David Yang

We’re making a (model of a) vending machine, with the contents projected onto the face, and a physical keypad. Upon entering the code for an item (no payment), the item will come to the front and the viewer will watch the machine eat the item itself through sound and video. It’s a humorous piece, a commentary on the American obsession with convenience, and also a joke since the vending machines at IMA have a reputation of unreliability.


Lachlan: I made the UI for the vending machine today. It shows looping videos of all the products, with their ID numbers below. On top, there is a keypad, which can be controlled via keyboard as well. (Use delete to clear, enter to submit.) Upon selection, a video plays full-screen with the food being consumed, & closes when finished. I used React/Next.js with styled-jsx to build the site.

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